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Hi, if you are looking for convenient and fast cooking with fresh and ready ingredients as well as quality spices to cook Singapore’s Most Popular Dishes. You have come to the right place!

Anthony has been a spice maker since 1986. He started out with manufacturing of spices and supplied to various supermarkets locally. Until 2009 Anthony The Spice Maker is one of a kind shop that offers a variety of herbs and spices with guaranteed quality. Taking pride in offering the best enjoyment to consumers!

Our Fresh and Ready ingredients

You can cook delicious dishes with Anthonythespicemaker’s fresh, ready-to-cook pastes & premixes that can be cooked in minutes. What could be better for the modern cook? Quick and easy to prepare, these simple dishes capture the authentic flavours to give spectacular results for entertaining and every occasion.

Spices and Your Family

How much do your time and health worth?
Just imagine… You come home from work and in 30 minutes time, you can enjoy a hot, delicious and healthy dishes created exclusively by your own cooking. Using Anthonythespicemaker’s spices, you could get more free time, reduce your stress and enjoy great meals! So how much do your time and health really worth? You could actually use the preparation time for the spices to good use such as spending more time with family or leisure.

Is the service affordable?
Consider what you are spending on take-out food, meals at restaurants, and convenience foods at the grocery store, which includes boxed foods with lots of preservatives as well as supermarket deli items. Also consider the amount of time spent on planning, preparing fresh spices for your cooking after work. What is that time worth monetarily to you? Wouldn’t you like to have more family time? Refer to Anthonythespicemaker products that will best meet your needs.

Who would use our Fresh Spice?
It is for people who want to have more free time to do what they like and for people who doesn’t have the time to prepare fresh spices at home for cooking. A typical client is someone who is tired of fast food or dining out and wants to enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious meals in the comfort of their own home.

High standard of spices
We pride ourselves in providing quality spices to you, my customer. We will work with you to fine-tune our spices to meet your needs, making your life easier and stress-free!

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The Spice Team

Meet our enthusiastic spice family who spices up your life!
    Anthony Leow

    started handling spices since 1986

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All products are made and crafted with love by our spice team.


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