Chicken Curry is a popular dish in Singapore. It is often eaten on any occasion, such as family gatherings, parties and even at wakes. Hence, when we eat curry, we usually associate it with the happy memories we had with our family and friends. Chicken Curry paired with baguette, rice or bee hoon ( vermicelli) became a must-have when Singaporeans plan for a gathering.

So now, let us help you to cook a pot of delicious curry for the young and the old. Firstly, one of the most commonly asked questions was “How do we fry a rempah (curry paste)?” It is also known as the most crucial part of achieving a good pot of curry. We cannot deny that patience is the key to properly fry a rempah. Watch this video and we promise you that it is easy to follow and really, anyone can be a good cook! The team from Anthony The Spice Maker hope that this simple cooking tutorial will greatly help you to achieve a pot of fragrant and delicious Singapore Style Chicken Curry!

Nonya Chicken Curry Recipe

Serves 4 – 5

one chicken / 1 kg chicken parts
190g Nonya Chicken Curry Paste
500g potato chunks, 3 medium sized potato
5 tbsp of cooking oil
200ml fresh coconut milk/cream
3 cups of water
2 tbsp Supreme Curry Powder ( optional )


Marinate chicken parts with Supreme Curry Powder.

Using a pan, heat up cooking oil for about 1 minute.

Add Nonya Chicken Curry Paste and stir-fry for about 10 minutes or until fragrant.

Add prepared chicken parts and potatoes and stir-fry again.

Transfer ingredients into a big pot.

Add water and let it simmer until chicken and potatoes are tender.

Add fresh coconut milk or cream then turn off the fire when it comes to a boil.

Serve with rice while hot!


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